We have very stringent protocols for infection control in our facility. We are vigilant with the universal precautions. Our office complies with the State Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention infection control guidelines to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Virus.

Some of the new measures added in lieu of the virus include:

  1. All staff members are screened daily before beginning the day.
  2. Higher levels of protective wear to keep both patients and staff safe including but not limited to face shields/ N95 masks/ protective eye gear/ disposable gowns and extended partitions in the operatories to minimize the spread of the aerosols.
  3. In order to reduce patient load in the waiting area patients are asked to stay in their cars prior to their appointment time and are screened before seating. Patients are requested to wear a mask unless a preexisting condition exists that prevents them to do it.
  4. Pretreatment rinse and hand sanitization has been introduced.

 Our staff is symptom free and, to the best of their knowledge, has not been exposed to the virus. However, since we are a place of public accommodation, other persons (including other patients) could be infected, with or without their knowledge.


Please social distance as much as possible while in the facility.

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